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  1. Updates of 5th October 2017

    Hello Warriors, Here is some of updates made on 5th October 2017. Fixes : - Donater, Vote Coins added to Beta Shop Updates : - Vote Coins Added - Donater Coins Added - PvP Increaser : an item that allows you to increase your PvP counter, increase range is 1000 ~ 100, depends on how many PvP you already got, the more you have the less you will get with minimum of 100. - Karma Eraser : an item that will help you clean your karma. - PK Remover : an item to be used to Reset your PK counter to Zero ( 0 ). - Heroic Blessing : Be a Hero Temporarily with Glow and Skills until Restart. - Nobless Contract : Double Click to be a Noble. - Sex Changer : Switch your Gender to the other without need to Restart. - Name Changer : Where you can Change your name. - Heroic Voice : an item allows you to speak on Heroes Channel (%). - Victory Mark : an item that gives your clan 20,000 Reputation Points upon usage. - Clan Skill Acquisition : Instantly Add all missing skills to your clan. - Legendary Merchant Added which give access to very unique stuff. Improvements : - Amethyst Renamed to Battlefield Coins - Metoronic Renamed to Fight Club Coins - Exchange Capability From Adena to Gold Bars and Vice Versa Thanks and Best Regards Raven Development Team
  2. Mobs where u at?

    Farm Zone Fixed and Functional Now thank you for reporting
  3. Updates of 4th October 2017

    Hello Everyone, I would like to announce few updates and changes been made. Fixes : - Battlefield Glitch of Spawning on a Mountain - Farm Zones Mobs Respawn Problem - Rush Skills Glitch Updates : - You cannot have Party in Battlefield Solo Mode, or Party with non-teammate in Team Mode - Healers Banned from Joining Battlefield on Solo mode and Allowed on Other Modes - Auto Nobless - Aggression Skills Disabled in Battlefield - Battlefield Insta-Reward for the Killer in Solo Mode and for Killer and Support Party in Other Modes - Battlefield is Instanced Now, and all Players in Battlefield are hidden from non-participants, also all Mobs and NPCs are hidden, it's another universe. - Unstuck Disabled in Battlefield - To Get out of the Battle you need to use the command .escape - Olf Enchant Scrolls are now +1 Per Each Successful Enchant, not Insta +10 Thank you Raven Development Team
  4. Error

    Looks like a Rendering Issue for me, send me the file called user.ini in your "raven" folder
  5. Beta Opening

    We're Glad to Inform you that we gonna be on Beta Opening on 29th September 2017