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  3. essay writing service

  4. Super!!!

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  7. Game Improvement

    Hello GM. I have some sugestions about game. First of all you should do something with gatekeeper. It's working to slowly. Second - sometimes when you start a game or when you restart textures doesn't load properly.
  8. uhhhhhhh...

    So i guess the servers dead? Been playing alone for the past 2 days.
  9. Pills without prescription

  10. Post here if you have ordered meds online

  11. Problems

    NPC server is down the last couple hours (4:06PM GMT +7) Mapdata especially around exo grounds is sketchy. Classes are incredibly imbalanced nukers mostly, possibly tanks. both physical and magic crit damage need to be nerfed asap.
  12. Undead clan recruiting english people

    I'm in
  13. Undead clan recruiting english people

    msg me in game im thxz
  14. Game Client

    Nevermind.... Found it. should be a "How to connect" thread pinned on here
  15. Game Client

    Where be that client you guys use for this server? Any fellow Americans on here?
  16. Login Problem

    Same problem after re-installing, and following all instructions! Thanks in advance!
  17. Grand Opening 6th of Octomber

    Sorry for the delay with my reply. The server should be up.
  18. Grand Opening 6th of Octomber

    Nothing happens after typing id and pass , endless waitings .. Is server down ? or maybe its my bad (did full check)
  19. Grand Opening 6th of Octomber

    have a great start every1 guys
  20. Server

    Server is up.
  21. Grand Opening 6th of Octomber

    Server is now online.
  22. Server

    Server live already ? i'm mad confused
  23. Grand Opening 6th of Octomber

    thnx m8 we are w8ing for this
  24. Grand Opening 6th of Octomber

    There is a small technical problem, but it will open soon.
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